Suppositories from "Kyzylmay"

Suppositories "Kyzylmay" are made from valuable basic products:
cocoa butter and wax, which have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. 90% of suppositories have no analogues and only PC "Firm" Kyzylmay" in the original packaging is produced.

"KM-Kalefit" ® suppositories

"KM-Kalefit" ® suppositories - are effective in the treatment of post-surgical complications, chronic diseases (adnexitis, vaginitis, endometritis, cervical erosion, cystitis, urethritis, sigmoiditis, proctitis, paraproctitis, hemorrhoids, etc.). They have a pronounced antiseptic, wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.

"KM-Paracetophyte" ® suppositories

"KM-Paracetophyte" ® suppositories - they contain paracetamol, polyphyte oil "Kyzylmay", cocoa butter. Recommended for use in the complex therapy of various infectious-inflammatory, colds, fever states; As an anesthetic for pain of different origin. They are also used in gynecological and urological practice. Polyphyte oil weakens the negative effect of paracetamol.

"KM-Furolipofit" ® suppositories

"KM-Furolipofit" ® suppositories contain furazolidone, polyphyte oil "Kyzylmay", cocoa butter. Can be used for infectious and inflammatory diseases in urological, gynecological and proctological practice as antibacterial and antiprotozoal (against trichomonads, amoeba) remedy.