About us

The Production Cooperative "Firm" Kyzylmay" was established in 1994.


- Scientific research on the development of new therapeutic and prophylactic phytopreparations and bioactive additives

- Development of new dosage forms, high-tech production methods and their standardization - from the position of GMP

- Production of original therapeutic and prophylactic means

- Manufacture of biologically active additives

Over the course of the company's existence, over 20 technological know-how have been introduced into production.

We use only natural raw materials:

Fruits and seeds

Honey and wax

Leaves, grasses, flowers

Panties of maral

Bark and rhizomes


Scientific research

  • Development of original recipes and original technologies for the production of therapeutic and prophylactic drugs and bioadditives
  • Development of methods for quality control of the created therapeutic and prophylactic means and bioadditives
  • Development of a program of biomedical research in scientific centers

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A bit of history


Creation of PC "Firm" Kyzylmay"and the first pharmaceutical preparation of polyfit oil" Kyzylmay ".


The filling-packing complex is assembled. Micro biological filters "Sartorius" are installed.


A set of equipment for dosing and packaging of plant raw materials (and collections) in filter bags has been launched.


Work has begun on an automated line for the production of suppositories.


A workshop equipped with a line for the production of primary suppository packaging was put into operation.


A line of blister packs of capsules has been put into operation.

At present, the company's portfolio includes over 100 curative and prophylactic agents and bioactive additives in the form of liquid, soft and solid dosage forms.

Products of our company

Preparations created by the PC "Firm" Kyzylmay"are registered, certified, patented. They are successfully used in a clinic of various diseases, as they exhibit a variety of activities: immunomodulating, general toning, hepatoprotective, choleretic, antidiabetic, drainage, antitussive, antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic, antifungal. For each of the types of products, in addition to a specific action, the common unique life-supporting properties that are corrected by nature are characteristic: purifying, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, immunostimulating. For the prevention and treatment of many diseases, drug lines have been developed. The anti-allergic line includes phyto-tea, phyto-syrups, phyto-capsules; Immunostimulating line includes phyto-oils, phyto-syrup, phyto-tea, phyto-capsules; The antidiabetic line is represented by phyto-tea, phyto-capsules, phyto-syrup on sorbitol.