Phyto-teas from "Kyzylmay"

Phyto-teas "Kyzylmay" - teas in filter packets, widely varying in composition (mono-teas and fees) and purpose. Phyto-teas guarantee safety, microbiological purity, the highest quality and are intended for preventive and curative effects, alone or as part of complex therapy.

KM phyto-tea "Hepatic-choleretic"

KM phyto-tea "Hepatic-choleretic" - is offered for the prevention and treatment of liver diseases, bile ducts; At digestion disorders. Drainage effect of tea improves the general condition of the body.

KM phyto-tea «Kidney»

KM phyto-tea «Kidney» - recommended for diseases of the urinary system; As an anti-inflammatory, drainage, restorative means; Normalizes the water-salt, alkaline-acid balance in the body.

KM phyto-tea «Throat»

KM phyto-tea «Throat»  - used for colds, viral diseases; With cough, diseases of the upper respiratory tract (oral cavity, throat) and as an immunostimulating agent.