Phyto-capsules from "Kyzylmay"

Phyto-capsules "Kyzylmay" - therapeutic and prophylactic agents in gelatin capsules, guaranteeing the accuracy of dosing, safety from destruction, hiding the taste and smell of components.
Have a variety of therapeutic and prophylactic effect, depending on the composition.

Phyto-capsules "KM-Diabetophyte"

Phyto-capsules "KM-Diabetophyte" are recommended as a treatment and prophylactic for pancreatic functions (diabetes mellitus), violations of the liver and gallbladder. They have choleretic and restorative effect, they contribute to weight loss.

Phyto-capsules "KM-Mochekam"

Phyto-capsules "KM-Mochekam" - an excellent remedy for violations of the excretory system. They show a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect, promote the excretion of sand and stones.

Phyto-capsules "KM-Cardiofit"

Phyto-capsules "KM-Cardiofit" improve the work of the cardiovascular system, have a calming effect.