Honey compositions from "Kyzylmay"

Honey compositions are natural honey enriched with herbal extracts. The combination with honey increases the strength of all components, it is recommended to strengthen immunity, increase activity and reduce side effects of drugs.

Honey "Kyzylmay with maral antlers"

High-quality natural honey "Kyzylmay with maral antlers" is a most valuable natural product, useful for preventing violations of the respiratory system, digestion, nervous and immune systems. Its universal tonic effect is manifested with weakness of the heart muscle, fatigue, depression, stress and with a decrease in potency.

Honey "Kyzylmay with flower pollen"

High-quality natural honey "Kyzylmay" with flower pollen is a unique balanced complex of substances useful and extremely necessary for maintaining health, especially for people suffering from chronic diseases; Contains carbohydrates, proteins, enzymes, vitamins: C, K, A, E, F, P, B1, B12, PP, immune defense factors, macro and microelements.

Honey "Kyzylmay with ginseng extract"

High-quality natural honey "Kyzylmay" with ginseng extract is the most valuable natural product, it has no analogues, it combines the healing properties of ginseng and honey: it normalizes the work of the heart, liver, nervous system; Has immuno-firming, rejuvenating action; Lowers the level of sugar in the blood; Increases potency; Protects the body from adverse environmental conditions.