Phyto-teas from "Kyzylmay"

Phyto-teas "Kyzylmay" - teas in filter packets, widely varying in composition (mono-teas and fees) and purpose. Phyto-teas guarantee safety, microbiological purity, the highest quality and are intended for preventive and curative effects, alone or as part of complex therapy.

KM phyto-tea "Gastrofit"

KM phyto-tea "Gastrofit" - is used as a therapeutic and prophylactic for inflammatory diseases of the stomach (with increased and normal acidity), esophagus, pancreas, gall bladder, duodenum. Has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antispasmodic effect, improves digestion.

KM phyto-tea "Nettle"

Nettle (dioecious) - on the curative properties of nettles is superior to many plants. It is useful for anemia, hypovitaminosis, increases hemoglobin and stimulates metabolic processes, tones up the intestines, has a choleretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Nettle has long been used in folk medicine for diseases of the blood, stomach ulcer, as an antiallergic and tonic. Tea from the nettle will support your health, relieve fatigue and give you strength (primarily men).

KM phyto-tea "Mint"

Peppermint (peppermint) has a wide spectrum of action. Peppermint tea acts spasmolytic, analgesic, relieves dyspnea and pain in the heart, stops tachycardia and normalizes blood pressure, improves digestion and stops vomiting. Mint relieves stress and has a calming effect, it is recommended for nervous weakness, migraine, insomnia. Well, if you or your child has a skin rash or gum disease - we can not do without our tea.