Phyto-capsules from "Kyzylmay"

Phyto-capsules "Kyzylmay" - therapeutic and prophylactic agents in gelatin capsules, guaranteeing the accuracy of dosing, safety from destruction, hiding the taste and smell of components.
Have a variety of therapeutic and prophylactic effect, depending on the composition.

Phyto-capsules "KM-Hepatofit"

Phyto-capsules "KM-Hepatofit" have cholagogue and anti-inflammatory effect. They used for violations of the liver and gallbladder (cholangitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, violations of formation and evacuation of bile).

Phyto-capsules "KM-Antiparasitic"

Phyto-capsules "KM-Antiparasitic" have antiparasitic action (worms, protozoa) and improve the digestive system (liver, stomach, intestine), stimulate the bodies protective functions.

Phyto-capsules "KM-Solodka"

Phyto-capsules "KM-Solodka" have a wide spectrum of action: immunostimulatory (antiviral, anti-inflammatory, reparative, restorative, tonic); hormone-like (antiallergenic, hypoglycemic and regulating salt exchange); drainage (diuretic, choleretic, expectorant) and cardiovascular (capillary-strengthening). Recommended for violations of the immune and nervous systems, the work of the heart, blood vessels, bronchi, lungs, stomach, pancreas, liver, intestines, spleen, kidneys, joints, spine.