Honey "Kyzylmay with licorice extract"

High-quality natural honey "Kyzylmay with licorice extract" has immuno-stimulating, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory activity; It is irreplaceable for colds, coughs, flu and other diseases of the respiratory system; Improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract. Increases life expectancy. Подробнее
Oils "Kyzylmay" oils - phyto-oils and essential natural oils of the most valuable medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory, wound healing, analgesic, antibacterial, reparative and immunostimulating action. Suppositories Suppositories "Kyzylmay" are made from valuable basic products: cocoa butter and wax, which have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. 90% of suppositories have no analogues and only PC "Firm" Kyzylmay" in the original packaging is produced. Balsams Phyto-balms "Kyzylmay" - natural remedies based on herbal medicinal raw materials, honey and alcohol, which have a variety of effects. Used inside (drop by drop) and external for rinses, rubbing, compresses, etc. Ointments and oleogels Ointments and oleogels "Kyzylmay" are made of extracts of medicinal plants, essential oils, honey bee products, plant oils and other components. The drugs are highly effective, safe, do not irritate the skin and mucous, do not contain preservatives. Syrups Syrups "Kyzylmay" are made from natural fruits, berries, medicinal food plants based on sugar and sorbitol using technology that conserves bioactive components. They have a multifaceted effect and do not contain preservatives. Composition Mother-and-stepmother, plantain, thyme, calendula, dog rose, natural honey, essential oils: mint, eucalyptus, sugar or sorbitol. Phyto-teas Phyto-teas "Kyzylmay" - teas in filter packets, widely varying in composition (mono-teas and fees) and purpose. Phyto-teas guarantee safety, microbiological purity, the highest quality and are intended for preventive and curative effects, alone or as part of complex therapy. Honey Honey compositions are natural honey enriched with herbal extracts. The combination with honey increases the strength of all components, it is recommended to strengthen immunity, increase activity and reduce side effects of drugs. Phyto-capsules Phyto-capsules "Kyzylmay" - therapeutic and prophylactic agents in gelatin capsules, guaranteeing the accuracy of dosing, safety from destruction, hiding the taste and smell of components. Have a variety of therapeutic and prophylactic effect, depending on the composition.